High Hopes with Higher Temps

It sure is warming up here! Like total heatwave – high 40s and mid 50s – wooo hooo! Break out the cutoffs and tube tops party people!

But seriously- I needed this dose of Spring. It’s given me renewed hope that we’re so close to getting in the house and starting construction and therefore so close to getting Jared and I back in our own home with our own routine.

This past weekend brought us visitors from Richmond. Our friends Jon and Alexis took us to lunch and a lovely little winery in New Hampshire. On Sunday, we drove them by our new home and took them to dinner at our local seafood stop.

It’s a very odd adjustment for me being in my childhood hometown but in my adult life with my husband. It’s a much more difficult transition than I imagined it would be. But luckily I have an understanding hubby that always gets me through. Plus every time I glance up from wherever I am in town and see the ocean stretching out in front of me- I know I’m where I am supposed to be.


1. LaBelle Winery | 2. Cold Virginians | 3. Winery Tour | 4. The view we moved for | 5. My handsome husband | 6. The Atlantic Ocean never gets old