Week in Review | September 8-12

Helloooo? Anyone here?

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting you dear blog but… whatever, get over it! I’m pregnant! I have a million things to take care of before this little bundle comes bouncing into our lives. One big check mark off the list was my Baby Shower this past weekend. My Mum threw me the most beautiful ‘Welcome to the World’ shower complete with vintage maps, white linens, and my favorite Konditor Meister cupcakes!

It was the most beautiful day filled with wonderful people and the cutest gifts for the baby boy! There will be plenty of Baby Shower photos in the coming weeks as well as the big nursery reveal! So you just sit tight. I’ll be over here you know, just growing a human. No big deal.




Week in Review | August 25-29

How was your week? Mine flew by in a haze of hormones. A particularly busy week at work paired with the end of our birthing class and a million minor annoyances had me wanting to burst into tears at any moment. In fact, the restroom at work has echoed with my pregnant sniffles more times than I care to admit this week.

Trust me, the rational side of my brain is delighted with all of the joys and blessings that I am currently experiencing and will experience in the coming year. It’s just the irrational pregnant side of my brain that turns a stolen parking spot at the grocery store by a skinny bitch in a Mercedes into “why does the universe hate me?!” It’s all pretty comical looking back, really.

Although I am feeling legitimate sadness over the end of our birthing class at MIT. Since day one of the class, I felt a strong connection to all of the women and our doula instructor. It was wonderful to share the experience with Jared and for him to hear other Dad’s stories in the class. Every Wednesday night I felt a true and sincere acceptance, empathy, and overwhelming sense of being nurtured and taken care of. I would go from just another pregnant person in the sea of procreation to being praised for enduring the incessant symptoms and celebrated for taking care of my body the best I knew how and the little body cooking within.

Although many of the couples in the class are MIT graduate students moving on to great academic and professional adventures around the world, there were a few fellow MIT employees in the class- two of whom live in Winthrop! I love that we were able to connect with this couple and will be able to share pregnancy stories, baby stories, and drop our kids off at the same school one day.

So needless to say, I was a distracted mess this week and did not delight in my favorite blogs. Instead of a blogosphere week in review, I hope you enjoyed my hormonal week in review above. Happy Labor Day weekend- which by the way, takes on a whole new meaning when you’re preparing to give birth.

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Everything I Need to Know…

I learned from Downton Abbey.

Last night was the American Season Finale of Downton Abbey Season Four. I hope you have all been watching and loving it as much as I have. Thinking of a great one-liner from Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) can always brighten my day. I hope these make you smile. Until next time Downton! Cheerio!

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