The Week in Review | January 27-31

I know it’s been a suspenseful week waiting to see our finished Command Center but I’m going to leave you in suspense until Monday. Today, I’ll leave you with five bloggers who actually finished their projects!

Week in Review

  1. Coco+Kelley takes us through the home of Kelley Moore. (Yes, the ‘Kelley’ in ‘Coco+Kelley’) I can’t get enough of white subway tile. Especially a whole wall up to the ceiling. Something so Parisian Bakery about it.
  2. The girls from Behind the Seams chose five spruced up spaces and this one was too cute not to showcase! Danielle of Breakfast at Toast spruced up her space with a sheepskin on her desk chair- plus an adorable little friend!
  3. This is one of the best DIY’s I’ve ever seen! Brittany of Brittany Makes made her own faux zebra rub using a heavy drop cloth and a gold leaf pen! Amazing!
  4. A stunning office reveal on Life on Virginia Street made me crave a grey paneled wall!
  5. Would this cake get me drunk at a Bluegrass and Bourbon 40th Birthday Party? Hostess with the Mostess featured this party filled with cigars, bourbon bread pudding, and banjos.

Command Center in Flux

The plan was to bang this project out this week. Husband’s don’t like that when you say, “uh, yes we’re assembling this tonight.” But the man must love me because we spent the evening attaching the IKEA cabinet to the butcher block, adding a couple of legs, and hanging two shelves.

First things first- Dad brought over the cabinet he modified to sit perfectly at desk height. It was fabulous.


The legs went on easily when we flipped the butcher block upside down. We got these legs at IKEA too by the way. I thought it would be too much to close in the space with a cabinet on either side. The legs give an airier feel to the passage between the kitchen and dining room.


The two drawers slid nicely into place. Gotta love that soft close hardware from IKEA!


I knew I wanted open shelves above the desk but I have to admit, even I was overwhelmed by IKEA’s selection. They really do have everything from steel minimal brackets to ornate rod iron brackets and everything in between. Jared pointed out these wooden black brackets that I love. They add a touch of country to the modern white shelf and they look fantastic by the black half bath door across from it.


With a gorgeous wicker chair from Pier One, my Kitchen Command Center was almost complete! Stay tuned!

Commanding Attention

Did you guess my new project from my teaser yesterday? I’ve talked about it before and with a strict $500 budget, I set out to create my Kitchen Command Center.

You see we have this space…


See? Here…


And what I don’t have is a place for my laptop or camera equipment or general paperwork and office supplies. Sure Jared has an office upstairs but that’s his office and since he works from home, it really needs to act as a professional space just for him.

So like I said, $500 and a mission to create a desk in our kitchen that doesn’t look like… well, a desk in the middle of the kitchen. I want it to go, to fit, to look like “hey, at first glance that looks like part of your kitchen but by golly that’s a nifty command center you have there!”

So off to IKEA we went to get just one more cabinet and one more piece of butcher block countertop. With a matching cabinet and top, the “desk” would fit perfectly in our kitchen. But the trick is that the desk obviously needs to be lower than countertop height. Enter my Dad with his custom cabinetry abilities.

photo 1

He drew up a little sketch and determined we’d need to cut just a couple inches off the top of the cabinet and a couple inches off the bottom to form a small toe kick and voilà! The three drawer base cabinet would turn into a perfect two drawer desk base.

photo 5

photo 4

Can you picture it yet?

photo 2



New Project Teaser Post

We’re working on a project that I’m pretty excited about. Any ideas from this photo?


What could one chair, a table leg, black brackets, wicker baskets, and a topiary have in common? Hmmmm. Find out this week!

The Week in Review | January 20-24

When everything is so cold and dead outside, I hope this bright green themed Week in Review lifts your spirits!

Week in Review

  1. I absolutely love My Sweet Savannah‘s porch makeover and share her obsession with boxwoods. Her welcoming artwork is so fun and impossible to not read in a Barbara Streisand accent. “Hello Gorgeous!”
  2. Keri over at MADE+remade shared some amazing chalkboard art projects including this super fun chalkboard fridge!
  3. And I was nervous about black doors? Katie from Bower Power brightened up a hallway with a green door! I love it with the bright white trim and masculine hardware. I’m green with envy!
  4. Greg and Ashley from Seventh House on the Left made their own trendy reclaimed wood shelves. The sprayed pipes are just genius!
  5. Lauren at A Fabulous Fete looks inward to ask “what are you doing today to get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” A stunning image and wise words!