Commanding Attention

Did you guess my new project from my teaser yesterday? I’ve talked about it before and with a strict $500 budget, I set out to create my Kitchen Command Center.

You see we have this space…


See? Here…


And what I don’t have is a place for my laptop or camera equipment or general paperwork and office supplies. Sure Jared has an office upstairs but that’s his office and since he works from home, it really needs to act as a professional space just for him.

So like I said, $500 and a mission to create a desk in our kitchen that doesn’t look like… well, a desk in the middle of the kitchen. I want it to go, to fit, to look like “hey, at first glance that looks like part of your kitchen but by golly that’s a nifty command center you have there!”

So off to IKEA we went to get just one more cabinet and one more piece of butcher block countertop. With a matching cabinet and top, the “desk” would fit perfectly in our kitchen. But the trick is that the desk obviously needs to be lower than countertop height. Enter my Dad with his custom cabinetry abilities.

photo 1

He drew up a little sketch and determined we’d need to cut just a couple inches off the top of the cabinet and a couple inches off the bottom to form a small toe kick and voilà! The three drawer base cabinet would turn into a perfect two drawer desk base.

photo 5

photo 4

Can you picture it yet?

photo 2