Nursery Reveal

Our little man finally has a beautiful room to call his own. And we (finally!) after one year of living in our house with that bedroom door closed, have a bright beautiful room to light up our second floor hallway!


The room is just as how I imagined it.




The neutral tones are so calming and sweet. Did you notice the faux brick on the back wall? It’s one of my favorite parts to the room. Such a big impact for such a small amount of effort. This is simply brick paneling from Lowes painted white. I love it!


Then there’s all the woodland touches. I couldn’t be happier with the collage over the dresser.


Remember the wood slice wall art I made?


We filled this little lamp with river rocks and couldn’t resist leaving these little knit booties on display!


The bunny mobile over the crib is so delicate and whimsical, it’s like a piece of art.


His little library is starting to take shape. These woodland board books are beautiful. I hope the little guy likes them as much as momma does.


And this adorable fox from our nephew Zeke watches over the nursery.


Little man is sure to be a stylish gentleman with an organized closet like this!


Completing this room is a huge step toward welcoming our little kiddo into our home. If only he knew what it once looked like!

Before After

Growing Old is Mandatory but Growing Up is Optional

Today I turn 31 and this year is bound to bring about the most drastic change in my life thus far and maybe for ever more. One could argue that turning 30 with a new house in a new town as a newlywed and taking on a new job was a pretty big year too- but I think parenthood trumps all.

It really does feel like a point of no return. This little man is about to steal a huge chunk of my heart, and time, and money, and youth, and energy- but would I have it any other way? No-sir-ee-bob.

There was never any question for me that I’d become a mother. I consider everything up to this point to have been preparation for The Motherhood. A long orientation teaching patience, courage, generosity, humility, and love strengthening me for the hardest, longest, and best job I’ll ever accept.

While I’m acutely aware of how hard it will be, I’m more struck by how honored I feel to be able to be a part of this exclusive club. It seems as though my generation is having more trouble than ever conceiving and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Every day I walk around with a miracle inside me and though I make jokes about hellish heartburn or big boobs, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the universe for our healthy baby boy.

It’s also taken me until now to realize just how special birthdays are for parents. After all, all I did 31 years ago today was pop out and start breathing air. It was arguably a much more memorable day for my parents! I feel like when it’s someone’s birthday, we should really start sending a “Happy Birthday” card to the birthday boy/girl and a “Mozel Tov” card to their parents!

So thanks Mum & Dad for heading to the hospital 31 years ago and you know, all that stuff you’ve done since then.

If growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional, I’m feeling pretty good about turning 31. Having a baby is bound to make me feel old but it’s easy to stay young at heart having kids around. So happy birthday to me and to my little man, I can’t wait to have an even more important birth day this December.


Week in Review | September 8-12

Helloooo? Anyone here?

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting you dear blog but… whatever, get over it! I’m pregnant! I have a million things to take care of before this little bundle comes bouncing into our lives. One big check mark off the list was my Baby Shower this past weekend. My Mum threw me the most beautiful ‘Welcome to the World’ shower complete with vintage maps, white linens, and my favorite Konditor Meister cupcakes!

It was the most beautiful day filled with wonderful people and the cutest gifts for the baby boy! There will be plenty of Baby Shower photos in the coming weeks as well as the big nursery reveal! So you just sit tight. I’ll be over here you know, just growing a human. No big deal.




My Summer According to Instagram

It sure still feels like summer here in Boston. Holy heatwave Batman! But before we say goodbye to the summer of 2014, I thought I’d take a look back at my summer according to Instagram. And by the way- you can follow me on Instagram here.


These are just a few of my memories of the summer but I have a feeling I won’t soon forget the last summer BC (before children). It all started with that first bumpdate pic. Why do women not know they’re skinny until they are bigger? Look at tiny little me and mini! Our trip to Florida meant we got to say hello to our new niece Sophia. But then June had us saying goodbye to another family member. Jared and I became godparents for the first time in July and Sophia got her first taste of Boston on a Duck Tour. I was counting down the days until that peaceful week on White Pond in August. Lots of lounging on the lake with the cousins… and eating, lots of eating! And that brings us to Labor Day weekend on the Cape with this cool dude of a nephew. Zeke and I passed on the seafood but the rest of the family seemed to enjoy it. That final bump on the beach pic shows just how much we’ve grown this summer… quite literally.

Hope your summer was just as memorable! Imagine what next summer will bring!