Spring Entertaining

One of the things I’m most excited about having a beautifully remodeled home is being able to have friends and family over for holidays, random parties, game nights, etc. Between Passover and Easter, it seems like everyone in the office is entertaining this week. Between all the workplace chatter and the overwhelming number of blogs about spring tablescapes- I thought I’d put together a quick rundown of my favorite ideas for entertaining this month…


Yeah, I’m a sucker for burlap. OK, any relatives reading this I’m going to let you in on my plan for this Sunday. I’m planning a coup! That’s right! It’s time to pass the torch to future generations. (I hope you read that last sentence in an awesome JFK accent!) I want a holiday and I want Easter! I’m planning on bribing my Aunt this weekend with a hostess gift and letting her know- her time is up! In so many words of course. Here’s my Easter brunch ideas for 2014.


A beautiful natural & rustic tablescape.


Yummy pastel macaroons. 


Colorful Cocktails!

Now, I love the idea of tradition but can’t we retire the damn Honey Baked Ham? Martha Stewart wrote in her book Martha’s Entertaining, that she never cooks the same meal just because it’s the same holiday. Granted the turkey is unavoidable on Thanksgiving and in our family Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Harry & David red pepper relish, but I do love the idea of trying new dishes. Here are some fantastic looking brunch recipes.


1. Mini Mushroom & Sausage (I’d use SOY-sage) Quiches | 2. Asparagus with Creamy Mustard Sauce | 3. Roasted Potatoes with Oregano & Lemon

And lastly, the best tip I ever learned for entertaining. When hosting a large dinner party or a formal meal like a Passover Seder and paper plates won’t due- save yourself (and your dishwasher!) and rent your china from a party rental supply service. They deliver clean plates, flatware, whatever you need. When your guests have left, they pick up the dirty plates. No need to even flick off the old food! I became real familiar with these party rental places when I planned events for a radio station and coordinated company parties but they’re available to anyone and have so much to offer. So trust me- take advantage!