Catalogs Taking Over my Nightstand

I subscribe to a considerable amount of magazines. Maybe over twenty? Don’t judge me- this is my business! I have to know the ins and outs of the publishing world! Plus… they’re prreeetty!

So lately I’m progressing from reading magazines to catalogs because – wait for it, wait for it – it’s almost time to buy stuff! That’s right! No more inspiration, it’s time to make decisions, and get to work. This will also be known as: the period of time where Julie and Jared just start bleeding money. Hooray!

Like the good Yuppy I am, I would love to buy everything for the house from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and Crate & Barrel. But alas, we’re on a budget. So instead, I’ve compiled a lovely collection of bargain catalogs and websites.

It’s hard not to mention IKEA as my numero uno since we’re dropping an amble load of dough with them for our kitchen. And I do love those crazy Scandinavians dearly but I am trying to weed out all the college/first apartment furniture and upgrade a bit. However, I still love my IKEA leather sofa and I have made up my mind on those upholstered dining chairs. Other than that, we won’t be purchasing any new pieces of furniture for a while.

One thing we do need – and we need a lot of – is lighting fixtures. Enter Shades of Light. This catalog should basically be called “Lights for Julie!” Although it probably wouldn’t be as marketable. Make a nice gift for me though, right? Anyways, there are several options we’re looking at for the kitchen, dining room, entry way, half bath, and outdoor. Take a look at two of my favorites…



Then there’s rugs, drapes, and other small decor items. Ballard Designs is another lovely catalog. I’d say a lot of it is out of the price range I’m willing to spend but there’s a lot that’s very reasonable. Plus, there’s a lot of gorgeous room ideas where the smaller decor items I’ve already found at HomeGoods! Check out these rooms…

ballard mirror

ballard room

I love these drapes from Ballard. I’m kinda anti-window treatments. I think the words themselves- “drapes” and “window treatments” just scream “old lady” but Jared refuses to let the neighbors get a sneak peak so curtains it is! I’m thinking of fabric covered shades or roman shades but these panels are simple and lovely and would complement them nicely.

ballard drapes

These stools are just what I’ve been looking for for the kitchen peninsula but I’m hoping to find some industrial ones from a salvage shop for less. The rugs are a definite purchase from Ballard though. They are very reasonably priced and come in beautifully understated designs.

Ballard Stools

ballard rugs