I Fought the Trim…

…and the trim won.

Let me back up. With almost every room primed, the focus has shifted to painting which is really exciting. And this weekend I have been focusing on the master bedroom and closet. Remember, the master bedroom still has the old plaster walls and old beat up trim so it took a lot of prepping before paint. Between joint compound and caulking, the walls and trim were better but not perfect. So getting a clean edge between the trim and the walls is next to impossible. But I happen to be on a never ending quest for perfection.

So I painted the room a lovely sandy color. Benjamin Moore’s Bennington Grey- though it’s far more beige than grey but that’s what I wanted. Then I decided that even though I can cut in a straight line like a pro- if I do say so myself- I would use painter’s tape to try to get that super straight edge on a slightly bumpy wall.

Big mistake. Big. Huge!

Upon ripping off the tape, I was greeted with a lot of white trim paint bleeding through. This meant I would have to bring back the Bennington Grey and cut in all my windows, doors, and baseboards AGAIN! Cue fight. It went something like this.

Me: Son of a Bee!! You stupid trim!

Trim: I’m not the stupid one. You used the stupid painter’s tape. Now get to painting woman.

Me: You can’t tell me what to do like I’m some sort of painting monkey! I don’t even want trim anymore!

Trim: Oh yes you do. You love trim. You made such a big deal out of trim. You wanted thick, bold, white trim everywhere!

Me: Shut up.

Trim: Paint, monkey, paint!

It was a big fight. I couldn’t even look at trim for a while. I went on trim strike. But my desire to finish the room was overbearing and eventually the strike ended, the trim and I made up and we went on to do beautiful things like this window.

IMG_1126And this door frame.

IMG_1128And this perfectly straight line on the baseboards.

IMG_1129And finally a completely painted closet.

IMG_1139 IMG_1143 IMG_1142 IMG_1140