To the Boy Who Holds My Heart

My baby boy,

You are now 4 days late which for some reason shocks your Momma even though I know that most first babies arrive past their due dates. I assumed you’d be just as anxious to meet us as we are to meet you. But I know that you are very comfy and warm in your little tummy apartment and it may take a couple more days for you to come out and play.

Your Momma and Dad have been getting all sorts of notes from family and friends asking if you’ve arrived yet. We feel very very loved and you should too! So many people want to meet you. You are one popular little guy.

Christmas is just around the corner and Momma gets all silly and teary-eyed thinking about a quiet, cozy Christmas with our new family of three. You see, this whole year if I had a day where I didn’t feel my best- maybe it was a stressful day at work or maybe you were growing so much you tuckered Momma right out from doing anything productive. When I would feel down, all I had to do was picture me and Dad holding you in our warm living room by the Christmas tree and everything seemed so incredibly worth it.

I know you will come when you are ready. I never want to rush you but let you grow at your own pace. I know we have an incredible journey we’re going on but I feel strong and confident knowing we are going on it together. I have so many hopes and dreams for you, little man, but for now let me start with this:

I hope you see the beauty in small things. I hope you can confront any challenge with a deep breath. Be patient. Try to find the good in any situation. Never suppress a generous thought. Cherish and respect the people that come into your life as you never know for how long you’ll have them. Learn from your mistakes and don’t regret them. Treat your body well. I hope you are never embarrassed to feel, cry, laugh, sing, dance, or love. Even if you stand alone, stand tall in making the right choices. Do what you love and do it wholeheartedly. Find joy in the journey. And enjoy. Enjoy it all.

Love you more than all the stars in the sky,
Your Momma