It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Occasionally there is a real clusterf#%ck of traffic on and just after the Longfellow Bridge. While I was sitting there the other day, I realized that if the city of Boston had a color scheme it would most definitely be green.

That’s not just because last weekend was St. Patrick’s day- it just that green is everywhere! It’s on all of our bridges and tunnels, the highway street signs, the weathered copper on the old brownstones, and don’t get me started on our sports teams- hello green monster! Even the modern buildings have a hint of green in their glass windows.

So here’s my little homage to my favorite color in my favorite city.


1. Bay Windows | 2.  Green Monster | 3. Gorgeous Building with Copper Sconces | 4. Green Line | 5. Green Monster Seats | 6. Isabella Gardner Museum | 7. Kendall Square | 8. New Kendall Square Building | 9. Tobin Bridge