Bumpdate | 17 Weeks

Trust me, I’m on board with all the pregnancy wonderment these days. Bring on the silly preggo-lingo like “baby bump!” Sign me up for a babymoon. And I’ll take that push present please. But one thing you will not see from us is a gender reveal party. It’s not exciting enough that we’re having a baby but now we have to bake colored cakes and shove helium balloons in a box in order to celebrate genitalia? Come on people!

So without further ado, I’d like to unceremoniously announce that we will be welcoming a baby boy this December.

Although, many would argue that writing a blog about your pregnancy is equally as nauseating as those gender reveal parties. So sorry folks, just call me a Pinterest Parent! A Pinterest Parent of a little boy!


HOW FAR ALONG: 17 weeks

BABY SIZE: Pomegranate



WHAT TO WEAR: A lot of Old Navy maternity or stretchy skirts and dresses. When I do Belly Button myself into some jeans, I’m never more happy than the moment they come off at night.




SLEEP: Bedtime is my favorite… like of all things… that ever existed… in the universe.

MOVEMENT: Definite flutters taking place! I can feel him clearly most mornings like tiny bubbles popping in my abdomen.

MISSING: It was pretty hard watching everyone have a cool glass of wine or a cold beer on the Fourth but who needs alcohol when you can have an H2O cocktail- shaken, not stirred.

CRAVINGS: My love affair with cheese continues. And lots of fruit.

SYMPTOMS: Headaches come often though trying to ward them off by staying hydrated.

HUSBAND: So excited about having a baby boy!

FAVORITE MOMENT THIS WEEK: Seeing the little one again yesterday but much bigger and now officially knowing he’s a he. I have a son!

Smell That?

That’s the smell of progress, my friend. And maybe a little tree pollen. Any one else feeling the allergies? Ick!

But back to the progress… even during Fourth of July week, we got ourselves a new fence! Gone is the nasty red, falling down back fence. It’s been replaced with a lovely fresh, white, and most importantly- sturdy fence!

photo 1


It now matches our fence on the right side of the yard and makes such an impact when you walk into our yard from the driveway (despite the big gaping pool pit).

photo 2

I especially love the view from inside the house looking out our french doors. It’s so much cleaner to see the white from our kitchen and sun porch. I excitedly anticipate that view getting better and better with every bit of progress we make on this yard!