Steamy Sunday

Steamy because I was positioned about two inches from every radiator in the house painting the poles that run into our basement. It’s one of those little projects that tends to get forgotten after a big renovation.

Our radiators were very dark and dingy but painted a shiny metallic before we moved in. But once they were put into place it was pretty obvious that those pipes that lead down to the heating system in the basement needed some attention. See this one in our living room still caked with some foam insulation? Ick.


So we broke out this Rust-Oleum Aluminum paint again, laid down some newspaper, and got real cozy with the radiators.


It didn’t take long and seems like such a small task but it really made a big difference. Check out these before and afters.

In the living room…

Living Room

In the front entry way…

Entry Way

Tucked behind the treadmill in the mudroom…


And up in our bedroom…


The bedroom one really drove me crazy because the room is so light and airy and that nasty pole was the last piece of transforming that room. That and touching up the floors but more on that tomorrow!