Sun Porch Makeover

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this sun porch. It’s a small room that juts off the back of the house. You walk out our mudroom door and there’s a back door to the left leading to the yard and a small space to the right with walls of windows. It’s unheated and poorly constructed. So much so that it’s visibly leaning to one side. The supports under the right side are indeed sinking into the earth. Not detrimentally so but to someone who firmly believes in the Monica Method of “if it’s not a right angle, it’s a wrong angle” this is highly irritating.

The porch was this sort of Pool Liner Blue (yes Benjamin Moore, you can use that color I just coined) when we bought the house.


It was pretty early on in the renovation when we determined that the narrow dark door that led to this porch needed to go. We replaced it with a set of gorgeous french doors taking the view from the kitchen to the porch from this…


to this…


… minus the jumbo roll of insulation or whatever that is out there. The porch did become sort of a catch all for old appliances, tools, etc. during the renovation. I found myself constantly hiding things on that porch in order to tidy up the construction zone. I have to say, the dishwasher and stove that lived out there for nine months probably didn’t help that slant any.

In time, we will eventually need to rip this puppy down and build it right and strong and lovely. But for now, we’ve done the best we could with a temporary makeover that is sure to last us a couple of seasons.

And as for the reveal… you’ll have to tune in next week!

2 thoughts on “Sun Porch Makeover

  1. Steve and tammy Swanson

    Interesting Julie,
    We had a similar issue with the entry way to our house on 7th St in Mankato. What is the condition of the flooring? We opened the floor used a house jack to raise the floor to level. We then poured a couple of 5 foot deep concrete pillars just short of the old foundation. Then added a post on top of each one. Then attached laminate beams to the house and extended it over to the posts. It would be like a deck only more permanent as nothing would be exposed to the elements except the concrete. The laminate beams went under the floor joists and reinforced the entire room. covered with the desired flooring and it turned out very well and we did not have to tear it off and the lean was corrected to a nice “square” 90 degrees.

    If interested in a more in depth explanation give me a call.

    It didn’t cost much and was the shortest way to an end. That’s if you want to keep the room.

    • Thanks Tammy- it’s just poorly constructed overall so we’d want to tear it down and build a better version, maybe a little bigger too. But that’s a couple years down the road!

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