Easter Brunch & Family Charades Tournament

There’s nothing that says Happy Easter like a Family Charades Tournament! Well at least it did for us! Too old for egg hunts and too young for sitting around watching each other eat ham, we decided to host a lively Easter Brunch with some friendly competition.

The morning started with two of my favorite things- preparation and mini eggs. Having cleaned the house from top to bottom on Saturday, I staged my table and had all my platters and serving utensils ready to go.



This beautiful arrangement came on Friday from my best friend Jamie (you’re the best James) and was the perfect size for my living room.


These little moss bunnies along with this birdcage candle holder that I filled with some faux eggs served as my centerpiece.


The table filled up nicely with bagels, pastries, a big fruit salad, my asparagus galettes, corn beef hash from Mum (to satisfy those pesky meat-eaters) and two beautiful quiches from my beautiful Aunt Lorraine- and despite her name, no they were not Quiche Lorraines.




It was a successful Easter Brunch! And after a couple of mimosas, the Family Charades Tournament commenced.



Forgive the blurry photo but I couldn’t resist Jared acting out Plunging a Toilet!



We were actually all much better at charades than we thought- although Scooby Doo, as we all found out, is very difficult to act out. Nice try Aunt Carina! In the end, Team A defeated Team B by just one point despite a last stitch effort by cousin Rachel. We’ll get ’em next year team!



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