The Week in Review | October 14-18

There were some wonderful blog posts this week. Seems like everyone’s completely smitten with fall and getting homes extra cozy for the cold weather. Here are my favorite posts…

Week in Review

  1. I fell in love with this house and it’s owners the Burket family over at Design Mom. Leslie Burket is the owner of Lilapops (the all natural cough drop lollipop) and the owner of a lovely home. These vaulted ceilings blew me away!
  2. Centsational Girl highlighted the eat in kitchen this week. Check out all her beautiful pics of nooks and islands in stunning kitchens.
  3. And while you’re in the kitchen, take a recipe from the gals over at A Beautiful Mess and whip up some homemade pretzel bread bowls. Boy could I use some tomato soup in a bread bowl right now! <tummy grumble>
  4. Lindsay from The Pursuit of Style showed off her gorgeous pics from her trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Made me remissness about the trip Jared & I took to that picturesque city!
  5. And for your weekly dose of pumpkin, Ellen from MADE+remade blog posted some great options for no-carve pumpkins.

One thought on “The Week in Review | October 14-18

  1. Hi Julie and Jared! Thanks for shining a happy spotlight on my No-Carve Pumpkin post on DIY Network’s Made + Remade! New Englanders, unite! 🙂 Cheers and happy weekend, Ellen

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