The Week in Review | August 5-9

I first want to start today with a Happy Birthday wish to my hubs Jared. What a memorable year it’s been! You make me grateful for every day. Home is wherever I’m with you… but it would be great to get in our house, huh?

Now, it’s no secret that I read a lot of blogs (don’t trust a blogger who doesn’t!) so I wanted to start a Friday segment called The Week in Review where I do a little recap of the best posts in the blogosphere. This week’s posts are all helpful tips but fun and inspiring too! Enjoy!


  1. The fabulous Emily A. Clark showed us how to choose the right rug size for your room. I needed this info!
  2. Jenny from Little Green Notebook turned a standard big box store light fixture into cute vintagey piece using nail polish!
  3. The Browns from Seventh House on the Left have been revamping their carport. This week’s floor covering was quite the transformation!
  4. Keri at Design Happens showed us how to make your own citronella candles. So much cuter than the plastic bucket of wax kind!
  5. And perhaps you can cut up those lemons on this Etsy find Sarah Thompson showed off on Style at Home Blog. Gotta love a personalized cutting board!