It’s time for potty talk! Who’s ready for some toilet humor? OK, I’m done.

But seriously, let’s talk bathrooms. So as previously mentioned here, we’re doing the second floor full bath over. This is our only full bath so it’s pretty essential. Unfortunately, we have no idea how the bathroom would have originally looked. But we know at some point, they built an odd little laundry room next to the full bath and the two rooms had a ridiculous giant sliding door from the hall. With so many angles it was difficult to take before photos but take a look at this first layout and the photos that follow and maybe you can piece it together…

bath before 8680360599_a3447cc4f3_o 8680360593_b688bdacf2_o 8681470282_3fc355a047_o 8681469554_db2752fc8a_o 8681470268_545c6b5dec_oSo here’s the new plan…

bath afterWe’ve given some of the hallway back to remove the angle and to make the toilet area a little more private. We’ve got to stack the laundry (which is fine by me!) to conserve space which gives me a nice long vanity. And we’ve even tucked in a linen tower next to the bath for extra storage. Take a look at these design inspiration pics…

Again, (quelle surprise!) we love the soothing neutral colors. And the rustic meets industrial feel.

bath 1

bath 1

I’d like to make something like these cabinets for our stacked laundry.



And we’re in love with all these open, weathered wood vanities. We’ll have to make this custom since the space isn’t standard.

bath 11. source | 2. source | 3. source4. source | 5. source | 6. source7. source | 8. source | 9. source

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