A Day in the Life | Part Two

12:30p Bottle and boobie feed. This is the last boobie feed during the 9 to 5 that I’ve yet to cut. We’ll tackle that next week but I have full confidence in the little man.

Since Eli can just lay on the Boppy and pretty much take breastfeeding into his own hands, Momma gets to check email on my phone or call my own Mum for a chat or even sneak in an episode of Parks and Recreation.

Not sure if it was his congestion or just a little extra sleepy but today, cuddles were in order. And I’m always happy to oblige!

1:30p Playtime! When Eli’s awake and alert I try to keep him engaged in more than just watching me fold laundry.

The tried and true baby activities are…

Reading books.

Eli’s favorites at the moment are The Little Engine That Could and The Giving Tree- which gets me every time! Tear!

But eventually books get old and we move on to the activity mat. This boy focuses on those hanging toys with such intensity! It’s so much fun to watch him and cheer him on. “Get that owl Eli! Yeah! Punch him!”

And when that gets old, I try a little tummy time on Momma and Dada’s bed but wanting to keep him upright as much as possible for his congestion today, we settled for a little face to face time with Momma and a toy or two.

2:30p Tuckered out.

Playtime can be exhausting!

Momma gets the rest of the laundries done, cleans up a bit, and sits down with a hot cup of coffee and my favorite mommy blogs.

3p But of course this was a nap fake out and he was up crying before I could finish my cup.

We check the diaper, walk around the house, but nothing seems to sooth so…

3:15p Bottle feed. These can be tricky because he does still expect his boob-time right after. It’s a struggle today but I think mostly due to his cold.

3:45p Dada comes home from running errands and delivers us a brand new humidifier!

Our old tiny one crapped out on us at three in the morning. This one comes highly recommended on all the mommy blogs and baby websites. You can purchase it here by the way.

4p Eli coughs and sneezes a lot while burping him so I plunk him in his car seat and immediately set up our new humidifier.

We’re both pretty mesmerized by the vapor for a while and it isn’t long before we’re both dozing.

5p It’s Friday night (and Valentine’s Eve) so Dada recommends we get take out which I gladly agree to. That’s my idea of romance! With all the snow, we haven’t really gotten out much so we’re going to pretend we’re in Cabo sunning ourselves and order Mexican.

5:45p Dada returns with dinner! I’m able to eat at the counter holding Eli but then the witching hour hits and he starts wailing. I finish dinner while Dada bounces the boy and sings him silly songs about donuts (we’re running out of material for our Eli songs).

6p Eli has a bottle and boob (I don’t think I’ve ever typed boob quite so much). Dada eats his burrito next to me and the breastfeeding boy. So romantic! Hey, at least I’m scantily clad.

6:45p Tubby time. Eli gets a bath every 2 or 3 days. We set up his little tub in the bathroom. He gets a nice washing and then over to his changing table where I dry him, lotion him all up, and get him in his cozies a.k.a. jammies.

I love when he’s all sweet and cooing wrapped up in his hooded towel.


7:30p Dada and Eli play and chat in our room while I run around “tucking the house in for the night.” Just tidying up and bringing two bottles and the Boppy up for the night.

7:45p Eli’s obviously tired but fussy so I recap our day in my PBS worthy soothing voice while rocking him and soon the crying dies, the eyelids droop, and the yawning begins.

8p I put him down and turn on our owl nightlight. Momma and Dada get to read and in my case edit photos and write this blog post while little man snores next to us with his humidifier pumping.

Hopefully Eli’s cold lets up this weekend. It’s really hard seeing him uncomfortable. But despite being a little off, we still had a lovely day in the life.

A Day in the Life | Part One

5a – 6a The child stirs. Momma and Dada get up. Eli gets a diaper change and this particular morning, boogie maintenance.

The essentials…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

He’s been fighting a bit of a cold despite our attempts to keep him home this cold and flu season. He typically sleeps from 8p to 4a and goes back to sleep downstairs with us while we have breakfast and watch the news but since he was so stuffy, sleep last night was intermittent for all of us.

6:30a First feeding. Three ounce bottle of formula and then onto the boob (dessert) for Eli. Coffee for Momma while Dada sterilizes all bottles and makes even more coffee.


7:30a Eli dozes in car seat while Momma cleans up kitchen, preps bottles for the day, and gobbles down breakfast.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


8a Momma/Eli changing table time! This is my favorite part of the whole day! Eli gets a fresh diaper, I wash his face, lotion up his body, and dress him.

There are lots of wiggles and giggles from both Momma and Eli as we talk and sing and love on each other a while. It’s the best!



Note outfit number one.


8:30a Tidy up. There’s laundry every. Single. Day. Something is inevitably covered in poop, spit up, milk, or some combination of the three. I’ve never spent more time with an appliance.


Sometimes Eli will snooze or just chill in his car seat while I run around. As long as I talk to him while I’m doing things, he’s usually good. Like here I’m describing how to make the bed. Riveting conversation.


But today he got pretty scootchy.

9a Momma tries new positions, rooms, toys until we get a little more mellow.


Walking with Momma, fist in mouth worked for three minutes.


Bassinet worked for fifteen. Score!

If I feed him before the 2.5 – 3 hour mark, he’ll just spit it all up. Or projectile vomit it all up on Momma- case in point, yesterday’s clothes currently in the wash.

9:30a Second breakfast for Eli. Just bottle of formula. Yes, I’m weaning a two month old. No judgement!


I have to go back to work soon and I just f-ing hate pumping! He’s always taken a bottle of formula from the beginning and we’ve just used boob as an extra boost of nutrition and of course, comfort. I’ll continue to breastfeed as long as I can for the first and last feeds of the day but we’re almost adjusted him to bottle only from 9a to 5p.

10a Momma showers/gets ready.

I take advantage of Eli’s food coma and bring him into the bathroom with me. Not only do I get to peek out and see his cute little face but the steamy air is so good for him with the dry heat on in the house and now his stuffy nose.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Oh, and “getting ready” these days typically means a fresh pair of yoga pants and a top bun. Occasionally I’ll go all out and swipe on some mascara and tinted lip balm. On my way to MILF status, eh?

10:30a Poopy diaper and second outfit of the day. I’m telling you- when little man goes, he goes! Hence the constant burp cloth under his butt in the car seat.

Oh good! Someone’s getting drowsy!


11a Momma eats and (hallelujah!) gets to relax.


Celery with guacamole, an apple, a hard boiled egg, and two homemade lactation cookies. Yes, I eat like a toddler but sometimes you only have one hand to prepare that lunch so the snack packs and pre-cut veggies are essential.

And I know I probably should be napping too but who really listens to that “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice? There are blogs to read and online shopping to do!


OK, second half of the day tomorrow. This post is cutting into my sacred Momma time!


I won’t say much because my Grampy wasn’t exactly what you would call loquacious but I do need to document here on this blog that my grandfather read every day- that my Grampy, Francis M. Skomro passed away last week.

He was 95 and lived a full and fascinating life. My Grampy and Mimi were married for 72 years. They would read my blog daily and complain when I took too much time off or wrote too short of a post. They were my biggest fans and my most honest critics. I would think of them each time I wrote, hoping they wouldn’t mind my cursing or complaining about first world problems. After all, Grampy grew up in the Depression and didn’t have the easiest life in the beginning. I look at Eli now, belly full of milk and cozy in his softest jammies, and wish that Grampy could have been loved and cared for like this little guy. But then I smile knowing that this is his legacy.

Grampy was a foster care child who went on to become a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, marry my Mimi, have six children, 11 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. He was an extremely kind and generous man. Thank you for all you’ve done for this family Grampy. We love you dearly and will miss you.

Alex's Wedding

Grampy & Mimi

Baby Gear Essentials | 0-4 Weeks

I understand that every baby is different. And after last week’s rant on parenting advice, I’m surely not about to dish out hard and fast facts on what babies need. But I will share what we needed. These are the top 7 essential items that got us through the first four weeks with baby.

Baby Gear 0-4

  1. The Maxi-Cosi Micro car seat. This is the Cadillac of car seats- thanks again to Eli’s great grandparents for this awesome gift! The infant inserts create a nice cradle for his little head and they’re removable so the seat can grow with him. Not only do we feel so safe having it in the car but the seat has been super helpful in our house just to have another place to put him! He’s perfectly happy snoozing in the seat or checking out the world around him.
  2. The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD shows parents Dr. Karp’s amazing 5 S’s used to sooth infants. In this short video he the reveals a stunning new discovery…the calming reflex. It’s almost an “off switch” for crying that all babies are born with. His techniques have helped us out on a number of occations!
  3. The first S of Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s is swaddle and boy do we! Eli loves to be swaddled almost all the time. These Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets are perfect for keeping him warm but letting his skin breathe. They come in a four-pack but we’ve ended up buying about 12 of them. The quantity comes in handy when he sweats through them, pees through them, or heaven forbid there’s a major poop blow out! Honestly don’t know what we’d do without these!
  4. Tube’s of Vaseline may not seem like a big deal but they sure do come in handy when that first merconium poop comes and then for little man’s circumcision care. Thank god we’re through that heartbreaking hurdle!
  5. One thing I didn’t register for because so many Mommy Blogs said it was useless was a sound machine. But as soon as we got home and were all tucked in for the night, we knew we needed one. The womb is a loud place and even the hospital had it’s rurring HVAC and nurses stopping in at all hours. We immediately purchased this myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and could not be happier. It has mutiple sounds and songs (the rain storm is our favorite) and is super sleek and small. We set the timer on it for 45 or 60 minutes during each late night feeding and Eli (and his parents) fall right back asleep! Actually, we may like it more than Eli.
  6. My iPhone. I know I’ll get flack for this but as much as I’d love to stare adoringly into my baby’s face all day and night, I have needed my iPhone even more than ever. Whether feeding little man or pumping, I do not enjoy staying put in one place for so long. Having my iPhone at my fingertips allows me to read news articles, blogs, see what my friends and family are up to on social media, make to-do lists, check the weather, my blog stats, even turn up and down our thermostats thanks to the Nest app! And most importantly, I’m able to capture pics of my little guy when he’s growing by the minute!
  7. The Boppy pillow is my friend. It’s supportive during feedings, it allows me to have a free hand when Eli is curled up next to his Momma for a little cat nap, and it makes for a great pillow during a rare impromptu nap for Momma.